Deploy Software Updates Wizard

Applies To: System Center Configuration Manager 2007, System Center Configuration Manager 2007 R2, System Center Configuration Manager 2007 R3, System Center Configuration Manager 2007 SP1, System Center Configuration Manager 2007 SP2

Use the Deploy Software Updates Wizard in Configuration Manager 2007 to create a software update deployment, which downloads the software updates and creates a deployment package if necessary, allows for the creation of deployment templates, and deploys the software updates defined in the deployment to members of the target collection.

The following deployment properties are defined in the Deploy Software Updates Wizard:

  • Deployment name and description

  • *Collection

  • *Display and time settings

  • *Restart settings

  • *Event generation

  • *Download settings

  • *SMS 2003 settings (available only when every software updates in the deployment is deployable to Systems Management Server 2003)

  • Deployment package (available only when at least one software update has not been already downloaded or when deploying to SMS 2003 clients)

  • Download location

  • Language selection

  • Deployment schedule

  • Network Access Protection (NAP) evaluation (if NAP is enabled)

An asterisk (*) denotes the properties that can be stored in a deployment template. An existing deployment template can be selected at the start of the wizard to automatically populate these properties. If a deployment template is not used when creating a deployment, the properties are manually entered and can optionally be saved as a deployment template within the wizard and used in future deployments.

The deployment package settings are not displayed if all software updates in the deployment have previously been downloaded and copied to a package shared folder on the distribution point. When previously downloaded, the deployment is automatically configured to use the package that hosts the software update.

The NAP evaluation settings are not available when NAP is not configured for this site. For more information about configuring NAP, see Administrator Checklist: Configure Network Access Protection for Configuration Manager.

The Review/Accept License Terms Dialog Box opens before the Deploy Software Updates Wizard if one or more software updates require License Terms approval. When the license terms are approved, the Deploy Software Updates Wizard opens.

Click the related link for detailed information about each wizard page in the Deploy Software Updates Wizard.

In This Section

  • Deploy Software Updates Wizard: Display/Time Settings Page
    Specifies whether the user will be notified of pending software updates, the installation progress for software updates, whether a client evaluates the deployment schedule based on local or Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), and the default duration between software update availability and mandatory installation on clients.
  • Deploy Software Updates Wizard: Deployment Schedule Page
    Specifies the schedule for when a software update deployment becomes active, when software update installation is enforced on clients, whether to enable Wake On LAN, and whether to ignore maintenance windows when installing updates.

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