Applies To: System Center Data Protection Manager 2007

Data Protection Manager (DPM) 2007 includes a scripting shell called DPM Management Shell. DPM Management Shell is built on Windows PowerShell, an administrator-focused interactive command-line shell and scripting language. As an alternative to (or in addition to) using DPM Administrator Console for centralized management of your DPM 2007 servers and protected servers, you can use DPM cmdlets and scripts created by using these cmdlets.

In This Section

  • DPM Management Shell Technical Reference
    This topic includes all DPM cmdlets, parameters, and descriptions. The command reference groups the cmdlets into sets that are alphabetized first by noun and then by verb.
  • DPM Management Shell Help Update
    This update is an extension of the Help shipped with System Center Data Protection Manager (DPM) Management Shell Help files that are shipped with DPM 2007.

Additional Resources

You can find sample scripts for DPM functionality at the Microsoft TechNet Script Center Script Repository (