How to Recover DPM Replicas

Applies To: System Center Data Protection Manager 2007

To recover a DPM replica, you must first run DpmSync to reallocate it. DpmSync marks the replica as manual replica creation pending. You can only recover the replica when its status in DPM Administrator Console is manual replica creation pending. If a replica recovery fails, the replica status changes to inconsistent, which prevents repeated recovery attempts.

If a replica recovery fails, you must stop protection of the data source using the delete replica option, add the data source to a protection group again using the manual replica creation option, and then retry the replica recovery.

If the recovery fails, simply retrying the recovery will always fail, because the replica is now marked as Invalid and not in a waiting manual load state.

To recover replicas after the DPM database is recovered

  1. Run DpmSync -reallocateReplica. This command reformats any replicas that are missing and marks them as "manual replica creation pending." For instructions, see Using DpmSync.

  2. Manually create the replica from either the secondary DPM server or a tape backup of the data source corresponding to each of the replicas.

    • When using a secondary DPM server, a Restore to replica option is enabled in the Recovery task area.

    • When using tape backups, use DPM Management Shell with the RestoreToReplica option.

  3. Perform a consistency check to continue protection.

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