Working with Date and Time Values in the MCF

If your connector uses the MCF Web Service, the .NET Framework's mechanism for serializing and deserializing XML data in SOAP messages will automatically include time zone offsets for all DateTime values. Many of the fields and methods in the MOM Connector Framework use the System.DateTime structure to represent date and time information. When using DateTime values in the MCF fields and methods, you should use the local time, not UTC-based times.

If the time zone on the server hosting the MCF Web Service is changed, the World Wide Web Service (w3svc) should be restarted. In situations where the difference between the local time on the server running the MCF Web Service and the local time on the computer running the MCF Web Service client is configured to be greater than 24 hours, errors can result.

If you are using a custom Web Service proxy to marshal the calls between your application and the MCF, the appropriate time format to use will depend on the proxy's implementation.