Calling a Method from a Managed Code Response

A managed code response is added and configured using the MOM Administrator console. The responses are added in the Responses tab of a rule's Properties page.

Note Note   

For security reasons, the assembly file must be installed in the same folder used by the MOM service application. The assembly must also be installed in the Global Assembly Cache.

To configure the response, you will need the following information:

  • Assembly Name. Use the assembly name, not the path to the assembly file.
  • Type (class or structure) name. The full name of the type is based on its namespace, and, if applicable, any containing classes.
  • Method Name
  • Method type: static or instance
  • Method parameters

The return value of the method is always ignored. The method should use exceptions to publish information about serious errors and failures.

If you are not the author of the assembly, these items might not be familiar to you. For information about inspecting the assembly to determine these values, see Getting Information about the Assembly.