ReleaseSessionHandle Method in Class SMS_SiteControlFile

The ReleaseSessionHandle WMI class method releases the memory allocated by the GetSessionHandle method.

The following syntax is simplified from MOF code and is intended to show you the definition of the method.

sint32     ReleaseSessionHandle(
  [in] string SessionHandle


  • SessionHandle
    Data type: string
    Qualifiers: In

    Identifies your in-memory copy of the site control file.

Return Values

The ReleaseSessionHandle method returns a sint32 that is always zero (0).


Call this method when you have finished making changes to your copy of the site control file. Be sure to call CommitSCF before you call this method or your changes will be lost.

Example Code

For an example that uses the ReleaseSessionHandle method, see Managing Site Control Configuration

See Also

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