VMM Collections Reference R2


Applies To: System Center 2016 - Service Provider Foundation, System Center Technical Preview

The VMM component service in Service Provider Foundation provides 38 collections that expose entities that work with features of Virtual Machine Manager (VMM). For more information about the VMM component service, see Overview and OData Protocol. This topic provides a list of all collections that the VMM component offers, and it describes the HTTP operations that are available to them. Because the service is HTTP based, the programming language that you code in does not matter as long as it can communicate through HTTP.

When you are working with HTTP operations on these collections, the following rules apply unless otherwise noted:

Mandatory properties must be supplied.
If a mandatory property is not provided, an error is returned. The property that was omitted is noted.

Properties that are not marked mandatory are optional.
Optional properties that are used in a create operation (POST) that are omitted use default values.
Optional properties do not have to be provided when you create an object.

Optional properties that are used in an update operation (PUT) that are omitted do not change values.
When you update an existing object, provide only the properties that are optional that actually change. You do not have to provide every property with a value.


Not all create operations (POST) have every property of the object available. You may have to follow a create operation with an update operation (PUT) to provide a value to these missing properties.


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