How to Enable, Disable, and Schedule Computer Discovery in Essentials

Applies To: System Center Essentials 2010

After you install and deploy System Center Essentials 2010 and begin managing computers or network devices in your enterprise, you might also want to manage additional computers over time to accommodate growth and other changes in your organization.

If you enable this feature in the Configure System Center Essentials Wizard, one of the Essentials 2010 installed Management Packs performs discovery once each day. During that process, Essentials 2010 searches your network for computers that have not yet been discovered. If new computers are found, Essentials 2010 automatically installs an agent on them so that they can also be managed.

To enable or disable scheduled computer discovery

  1. In the Essentials console, click Authoring.

  2. In the Authoring pane, click Rules.

  3. In the Look for box, type Scheduled and click Find now.

  4. In the Rules pane, click Scheduled Agent Discovery and Installation.

  5. In the Rule details pane, click View knowledge.

  6. On the Configuration tab, make changes.

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