MOM 2005 Conceptual Guide

Welcome to the Microsoft Operations Manager 2005 Conceptual Guide. This guide provides information on service and operations management concepts, and identifies the basic requirements for managing computers and the applications that they host. It also provides information about the MOM 2005 operations units, user interfaces, and features that show how MOM implements and supports service management.


This guide describes high-level, overview information about MOM 2005. This guide includes the following topics:


The Microsoft MOM 2005 Conceptual Guide describes high-level overview information about MOM architecture, components, and features. This guide does not include information about deploying, operating, or maintaining MOM in an enterprise environment. This guide has been created for the final release of Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM) 2005.

Intended Audience

This guide is primarily for anyone who is evaluating MOM 2005 for use with an existing IT infrastructure, or for operators, administrators, management pack authors, and support staff who must develop a basic understanding of MOM 2005.