Connected Management Groups Scenario

Applies To: Operations Manager 2007 R2, Operations Manager 2007 SP1

This deployment scenario is comprised of multiple management groups, each of which can be of the single or multiple server configurations type. This deployment scenario is exceptionally flexible and is mostly used to provide monitoring, alerting, and reporting services in complex environments.


Operations Manager 2007 Services

In addition to the services offered by the multiple server, single management group, this configuration offers the ability to view and interact with data from multiple management groups in a single Operations console. The management group in which the consolidated view is available is called the local management group, and those that contribute their data to the consolidated view are called the connected management groups. They relate to each other in a hierarchical fashion, with connected groups in the bottom tier and the local group in the top tier. The connected groups are in a peer-to-peer relationship with each other. Each connected group has no visibility or interaction with the other connected groups; the visibility is strictly from the local group into the connected group.

Connecting management groups offers these additional services:

  • Consolidated monitoring and alerting for greater than 6,000 agents

  • Consolidated monitoring across trust boundaries

Operations Manager 2007 Server Roles

This configuration supports all Operations Manager server roles and makes use of the Operations Manager Connector Framework to enable bidirectional communication between the connected groups and local groups.


  • Operations Manager 2007 does not support communication of data between peer management groups.

  • Only the local to connected hierarchy configuration is supported. Multiple tiers, where a management group would be both a local group and a connected group, are not supported.

Common Uses

This deployment scenario is used when business or IT needs mandate management group partitioning along with the need to have a consolidated view of all monitored activity and consolidated management of that data.

Ports Used

In addition to all of the communications channels used in the multiple server, single management group configuration, this deployment requires communication between the root management server of the local group and the root management server of the connected group over TCP 5724. For a complete list of ports used by Operations Manager 2007 and their configurability, see Operations Manager 2007 Supported Configurations (