Service Model

Applies To: System Center Operations Manager 2007

In Operations ManagerĀ 2007, all hardware, software, services, and other logical components of different applications that require monitoring are described in a service model. A model is a computer-consumable representation of software or hardware components that captures the nature of the components and the relationships between them. It can be thought of as a simplified representation of the application for monitoring.

When implementing monitoring for an application that uses Operations Manager 2007, the first step is to design a service model.

The topics in this section provide an overview of the key concepts that must be understood to perform this design, a basic process for designing a service model, and walkthroughs and examples of using the Operations ManagerĀ 2007 Authoring console to build the service model..

In This Section

  • Key Concepts
    Explains the concepts of the different components in a service model.
  • Building a Service Model
    Demonstrates the different tasks used for building a service model for a sample application using the Authoring console.