Configuring the Authoring Console

In the Authoring console, on the Tools menu, access all configuration options in the Options dialog box. The following table explains each of these options.

Option Details

Default Namespace

When a new management pack element is created, the Authoring console automatically sets the prefix of the element ID to the name of the management pack. This is the most common naming scheme used to ensure that each element in the management pack has a unique ID for all management packs as discussed in Naming. You can set an alternate default by using this option. Whether this option is set or not, you always have the option to change the prefix when the element is created.

Use custom icons

When this option is selected, any classes in the management pack with a defined custom icon have this icon displayed. Other classes use a default icon. When this option is cleared, all classes are represented with the same default icon.

Use display names

When this option is selected, the display name instead of the ID of each management pack element is shown in any list view.

Auto-increment management pack version on save

With this option selected, the Authoring console increments the version number of the management pack every time it is saved. This is useful to ensure that each modification of the management pack results in a new version number.

Show warning when a sealed management pack is opened

The Authoring console can open both sealed and unsealed management packs. Sealed management packs cannot be changed, but can only be viewed. With this option set, when you open a sealed management pack, you receive a warning stating that it is read only.

Custom Editor

Specifies the editor to directly edit XML. This can be a simple editor such as Notepad or a more sophisticated editor providing such features as color coding and XML formatting. If you did not select an editor, you are prompted for one the first time you attempt to start the editor.


The Authoring console requires that the sealed version of any management pack referenced by the open management pack must be located on disk. A set of reference paths specify the folders that the Authoring console searches for such files. If the file for a referenced management pack is not found in any of the paths when a management pack is opened, you are prompted to locate it.