Delete Collection Rule

Applies To: System Center 2012 - Orchestrator, System Center 2012 R2 Orchestrator, System Center 2012 SP1 - Orchestrator

The Delete Collection Rule activity is used to redefine the membership of a collection by removing collection membership rules from the collection. Membership rules determine the resources that are included in the collection when it updates.

To use this activity, a collection must already exist, which can be created by the Create Collection activity. Membership rules can be added to the collection by using the Add Collection Rule activity. To force re-evaluation of the collection’s membership after adding or removing collection rules, use the Update Collection Membership activity.

For the procedure to configure this object, see: Configuring the Delete Collection Rule Activity.

Properties and Published Data

The following tables list the properties and published data for this activity. The activity publishes all the data from the required and optional properties into published data.

Delete Collection Properties

Element Description


The display name or ID of an existing collection.


When you use the browse feature to look up a collection name, or enter a collection name manually or from published data, you must set the Collection Value Type property to Name or the action will fail.

Collection Value Type

Specifies whether the value in the Collection property is a collection name or a collection ID. Options are:

  • ID (default): the value is a collection ID

  • Name: the value is a collection name

Membership Rule

The name for the rule that is shown in the Configuration Manager console for the collection’s membership rules

Membership Rule Type

The type of the membership rule to be deleted. Options are:

  • Direct Rule: a single user or computer resource

  • Query Rule: a WQL query string or a predefined query saved on the Configuration Manager server

  • Include Collection: a collection whose members will be included in this collection’s membership

  • Exclude Collection: a collection whose members will be excluded in this collection’s membership

Delete Collection Published Data

The following values are published in addition to the input values above:

Element Description


Specifies the name of the connection to the Configuration Manager server

Collection ID

Provides the Collection ID value for the collection targeted for this activity (in case the collection name was specified for the input property).

Configuring the Delete Collection Activity

To configure the Delete Collection activity

  1. From the Activities pane, drag a Delete Collection activity to the active runbook.

  2. Double-click the Delete Collection activity icon. The Properties dialog box opens.

  3. Configuring the Details tab:

    1. In the Connection section, click the ellipsis button (...), and then select the Configuration Manager server connection that you want to use for this activity. Click OK.

    2. In the Fields section, enter a value for each of the required properties. If the property is Lookup-enabled, you can click the ellipsis (…) button next to the text box to browse for a value.

      You can also use published data to automatically populate the value of the property from the data output by a previous activity in the runbook.

  4. For information about the settings on the General and Run Behavior tabs, see Common Configuration Instructions for all Activities.

  5. Click Finish.

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