Troubleshooting and Common Questions

Applies To: System Center 2012 - Operations Manager

The following common questions and issues can help you troubleshoot WS-Management and SMASH device discovery.

How does the template discover the WS-Management / SMASH Device?

the following logic illustrates how the template discovers the Device.

Discovering a WS-Management / SMASH Device

  1. The WinRM command is executed to return a result.

    winrm e cimv2/CIM_RegisteredProfile?__cimnamespace=root/interop -r:<IP:Port> -a:basic -encoding:<encoding> <-SkipCACheck> <-SkipCNCheck> -format:pretty -u:<Username> -p:<Password>

    For example:

    winrm e cimv2/CIM_RegisteredProfile?__cimnamespace=root/interop -r: -a:basic -encoding:utf-8 -SkipCACheck -SkipCNCheck -format:pretty -u:user1 -p:123456

  2. If the WinRM command returns result, then we check the item nodes.

    And If the registeredName of an item node equals ‘Base Server’, we identify it as a SMASH device.

    <n2:DCIM_RegisteredProfile xml:lang="" xmlns:n2="" xmlns:xsi=""> <n2:AdvertiseTypeDescriptions>WS-Identify</n2:AdvertiseTypeDescriptions> <n2:AdvertiseTypes>1</n2:AdvertiseTypes> <n2:Caption xsi:nil="true"></n2:Caption> <n2:Description xsi:nil="true"></n2:Description> <n2:ElementName xsi:nil="true"></n2:ElementName> <n2:InstanceID>DCIM:CSRegisteredProfile:1</n2:InstanceID> <n2:OtherRegisteredOrganizationxsi:nil="true"></n2:OtherRegisteredOrganization> <n2:RegisteredName>Base Server</n2:RegisteredName> <n2:RegisteredOrganization>2</n2:RegisteredOrganization> <n2:RegisteredVersion>1.0.0</n2:RegisteredVersion></n2:DCIM_RegisteredProfile>

The Template Does Not Return any SMASH Device in my Environment

Issue: A probe failure means the SMASH device is not reachable through the WinRM command. It can be caused by following reasons:

  1. Wrong Credential

  2. Network failure

  3. The Device is not SMASH enabled

Workaround: See The SMASH Device Is Not Responding troubleshooting topic in this section.

The SMASH Device Is Not Responding

Issue: The SMASH Device is not responding (the ping status monitor of the SMASH device is critical).

Workaround: Use the following procedure.

Troubleshoot a SMASH Device That Is Not Responding

  1. Open the Healthy Explorer of the SMASH device that is not responding.

  2. Navigate to the State Change Event tab.

  3. Click on the row where the status was changed to critical.

  4. Check the Diagnostic Tasks in the Details panel.

    If the WS-Management Ping diagnostic on the WS-Management Ping Status monitor return a fail result, it means the device is not responding to the WS-Management ping.

    You can also check for normal IP ping results.

  5. Start the ping by selecting the device instance and clicking the tasks in the Action panel.

    Ping the IP of the SMASH device. A responding IP ping example is shown below:

    C:\Users\Admin>ping with 32 bytes of data:Reply from bytes=32 time=299ms TTL=49Reply from bytes=32 time=301ms TTL=49Reply from bytes=32 time=322ms TTL=49Reply from bytes=32 time=314ms TTL=49Ping statistics for Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 4, Lost = 0 (0% loss),Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds: Minimum = 299ms, Maximum = 322ms, Average = 309ms

  6. Use the WinRM command to conduct a ping through WS-Management.

    winrm identify -r:https://<IP>:<Port> -a:basic -encoding:<Encoding> <-SkipCACheck>< -SkipCNCheck> -format:pretty -u:<username> -p:<password>

    Following is an example of a responding WS-Management ping:

    C:\Users\Admin>winrm identify -r: -a:basic -encoding:UTF-8 -SkipCACheck -SkipCNCheck -format:pretty -u:user -p:123456<wsmid:IdentifyResponse xml:lang="" xmlns:wsmid=""> <wsmid:ProtocolVersion></wsmid:ProtocolVersion> <wsmid:ProductVendor>Openwsman Project</wsmid:ProductVendor> <wsmid:ProductVersion>2.0.0</wsmid:ProductVersion></wsmid:IdentifyResponse>

I Removed the SMASH Device From the Environment. Why it is Not Undiscovered?

Issue: After removing a SMASH device, it is not automatically removed from discovery.

Workaround: This behavior is by design. In order to avoid the noise caused by the network issue, all the devices that have been discovered will remain in the Management Group unless you delete the template or remove the device from the template.

Why am I Missing an Instance in the Computers with SMASH Monitoring View?

Issue: I am missing a computer with a SMASH device in the Computers with SMASH Monitoring View.

Workaround: The Computers with SMASH Monitoring View only displays the instances of Windows Computers which have an established relationship with a SMASH Device. Please check the SMBIOS and UUID of the SMASH Device and Windows Computer to see if they are matching or not. The relationship between a SMASH device and its associated Windows Computer is the method by which Health rolls up for monitoring.

If the SMBIOS and UUID match and you still do not see the instance, try to override the relationship discovery to a shorter interval. See the overrides in the Appendix: Monitoring Pack Contents of this guide.