Monitoring Scenarios

Applies To: System Center 2012 - Operations Manager

The monitoring pack creates monitoring rules, a set of views, and a template used to insert WS-Management/SMASH compliant devices into Operations Manager for monitoring.

Monitoring scenarios:

Monitoring scenario Description Associated rules and monitors

WS-Management and SMASH Device Discovery

Delivers the ability to discover WS-Management and SMASH devices, for monitoring by Operations Manager

  • A discovery rule will determine if a WS-Management device is SMASH compliant (using winrm identify)

  • Another rule will associate the SMASH device to a Windows computer.  At this point, health state from the smash device roles up to the hosting windows computer.

  • The only health state monitor is a WS-Management “ping” (winrm identify)

Clean up SMASH devices from deleted templates

If the user deletes the template, devices are NOT cleaned automatically.

  • A rule which runs every hour to clean up devices. There is also a task to clean devices up manually on demand (Clean up SMASH devices from deleted templates).


Workflow Script Name

Object Discoveries


Discover SMASH Device

Discover Relationship between Windows Computer with Baseboard Management Controller and SMASH Device





WS-Management Ping Status

BMC State





Sync State from SMASH Device to Windows Computer with Baseboard Management Controller and SMASH Device

Clean up SMASH Devices from deleted templates