How to View the Status of a Job


Applies To: System Center 2012 - App Controller, System Center 2012 SP1 - App Controller, System Center 2012 R2 App Controller

App Controller will periodically flush jobs from its database if the SQL Server Agent service is running.

To view the status of a job

  1. To view the status of a job, click the Jobs node.

  2. A list of jobs is displayed. Click Show recent or Show all to toggle the view of jobs to show only recent jobs (in the last 48 hours) or all jobs.


    The App Controller Administrator can view jobs from all users. A self-service user can only view jobs that the user has initiated.

    • A friendly name for the job is displayed in the Job column.

    • The Target column for a job displays the resource that was created or modified.

    • The Status column shows the job completion status: In Progress, Failed, or Completed.

    • The Owner column displays which user initiated the job.

    • The Start Time and End Time columns show when the job started and ended.

    When you select a job, the details of the job are displayed in the details pane below.

    • For some jobs, the Location field displays a link to the cloud or service in which the job was performed. Clicking this link takes you to the Clouds or Services page.

    • The Job ID is the ID of the job in the target cloud—VMM or Windows Azure. This information is useful, when following up with the VMM Administrator regarding failed jobs.

    • For Command Parameters, click the drop-down arrow to view input parameters provided by the user.

    • For failed jobs, click the Error drop-down arrow to display a detailed error message.

To view the status of a job in progress

  1. When a job is created, App Controller displays a job notification in the status bar.

  2. Click the job notification. The Jobs view is displayed.

  3. A job in progress is displayed with the status In Progress in the Status column.

To change the retention period for job history

  1. Start Windows PowerShell module for App Controller. For detailed instructions, see Cmdlets in System Center 2012 - App Controller.

  2. Provide a new value for the retention period using the Set-SCACAdminSetting cmdlet


    Increasing the retention period will cause the Jobs view to take longer to open. For better performance with longer retention periods, we recommend that you archive the job table to a separate database or table.

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