Running the System Center 2012 - Unified Installer


Updated: May 13, 2016

Applies To: System Center 2012 - Unified Installer

When you click Install System Center, the Unified Installer will install the Service Manager 2012 components that you select, it will install the prerequisites required for those particular components, and it will install them to a target computer that you specify. Each component and its associated database will be installed on the same computer.

By clicking Custom install on local server, you can install a Service Manager 2012 component using that component's normal setup wizard. The component will be installed on the local computer that the Unified Installer is running on, and you will be required to install that component's prerequisites yourself.

The account that you are logged in with when you run the Unified Installer becomes the Installer Account. You will be prompted your password when you run the Unified Installer. Make sure that this account has read rights on any file shares you might use for either prerequisites or installation files.

The following procedures show how to use both Install System Center and Custom install on local server.

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