How to Modify the Self-Service Portal Attachment File Size


Updated: May 13, 2016

Applies To: System Center 2012 SP1 - Service Manager, System Center 2012 R2 Service Manager, System Center 2012 - Service Manager

By default, users can attach files in requests that they submit when they use the Self-Service Portal in System Center 2012 – Service Manager. However, the Self-Service Portal limits the attachment file size to 10 megabytes (MB). You can modify the Self-Service Portal default attachment file size by editing a property manually in the Web.config file.


The maximum file size that the Self-Service Portal supports is independent of the work item maximum size settings that are specified in the Service Manager console in the Administration workspace.

To modify the Self-Service Portal attachment file size

  1. Log in to the computer that hosts the Web Content Server with administrative credentials.

  2. Using a text editor of your choice (for example, Notepad), open the Web.config file in the %inetroot%\inetpub\wwwroot\System Center Service Manager Portal\servicehost folder.

  3. Locate the <binaryMessageEncoding> section, as shown in the following example:

           <readerQuotas maxArrayLength="10485760"/>   
  4. Modify the line <readerQuotas maxArrayLength="10485760"/> by replacing the maxArrayLength value with a value of your choice.

  5. Close the text editor, and save the changes.

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