Applies To: Virtual Machine Manager 2008, Virtual Machine Manager 2008 R2, Virtual Machine Manager 2008 R2 SP1

This section provides instructions for performing tasks in Administration view.

In This Section

  • Managing User Roles
    Create, modify, and remove user roles for VMM administrators, delegated administrators, and self-service users.
  • Managing Agents on Managed Computers
    Update, reassociate, and remove the VMM agents on managed virtual machine hosts, library servers, and VMware VirtualCenter servers. For a highly available library server, remove individual nodes in a cluster from VMM after removing the cluster node from the library.
  • Managing a VMware Infrastructure 3 Environment in VMM
    View an overview of configuration tasks. Add a VMware VirtualCenter server so that VMM can manage the hosts and virtual machines in your VMware Infrastructure 3 (VI3) environment. Import VMware templates to the VMM library. Replace the certificate that VMM uses to authenticate the VMware VirtualCenter server. Modify the properties of a VirtualCenter server, or remove the VirtualCenter server from VMM.
  • Backing Up and Restoring the VMM Database
    Back up the Virtual Machine Manager database as part of a comprehensive backup plan for protecting all VMM data, including data on hosts, virtual machines, and library servers.