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Green Computing:Build a Green Datacenter

Companies around the world are beginning to think of ways to save energy and reduce costs, yet there is little guidance on how you can take action. Get started with our introduction to planning, designing, and implementing a green datacenter in your organization. Dave Ohara

Windows Administration:A Guide to Active Directory Replication

Active Directory provides a great deal of flexibility for supporting a large or decentralized environment, but maintaining the integrity of your data can be challenging. Active Directory replication defines how updates are communicated throughout your environment and how conflicts are resolved. Here's what you need to know to meet the challenge. Laura E. Hunter

System Center:New Software Update Management Tools

With System Center Configuration Manager 2007, you'll find a completely new mechanism for dealing with update management that ensures better compliance and enforcement on each client. Learn how this improved approach can help you get all of your machines up-to-date. Steve Rachui

Communications:Exchange Edge Transport Servers at Microsoft

How does Microsoft ensure delivery of legitimate messages to employees while keeping the flood of malicious content away from the messaging envrionment? One way is by deploying Exchange Server 2007 Edge Transport servers and Forefront Security for Exchange Server. Find out how these technologies can keep your organization safe. Kay Unkroth

SQL Server:Optimizing SQL Server CPU Performance

The key to healthy CPU utilization on your database server is to make sure that the CPU is spending its time processing what you want it to process rather than wasting cycles on poorly optimized code or sluggish hardware. Here are some tips for getting the most out of SQL Server and your hardware. Zach Nichter



From the Editor:The Best is Yet To Come
Joshua Hoffman
Toolbox:New Products for IT Pros
Greg Steen
SQL Q&A:Login Triggers, Data File Defrags, and More
Edited by Nancy Michell
Utility Spotlight:Virtual Machine Remote Control Plus
The Virtual Server 2005 interface is a Web application, offering the conveniences of Web-based management. But sometimes you want a rich UI that behaves like a Windows application.VMRCplus gives you an alternative UI that offers easy configuration management and remote control of virtual machines, all from within a single application.Matthijs ten Seldam
The Business of IT:Calculating the Value of IT Infrastructure in Government
What's the best way to justify IT infrastructure investments? Government IT organizations use a concept of public good. Find out how they use public value to articulate their business cases.Acer Maamoun
The Cable Guy:The Authenticated Internet Protocol
The Internet Key Exchange protocol and Authenticated Internet Protocol are both used to determine keying material and negotiate security parameters for IPsec-protected communications. Get an in-depth look at how they work.Joseph Davies
Windows PowerShell:Working Without a Script
Have you put off using Windows PowerShell because you don't have time to learn how to script. Don't worry. Here's a look at how you can start using Windows PowerShell immediately, without writing a lick of code.Don Jones
Hey, Scripting Guy!:Let There Be Silverlight
Silverlight makes it easy to create cool user interfaces and multimedia presentations. And it seems to work well in HTML Applications, or HTAs. The Scripting Guys show you how to give Silverlight a try.The Microsoft Scripting Guys
Security Watch:BitLocker and the Complexities of Trust
Some people have been skeptical of the cryptographic functionality built into Windows Vista. Here's a look at the design philosophies that went into BitLocker and why it should be taken seriously.Justin Troutman
The Desktop Files:The Power User's Guide to WIM and ImageX
Dive into ImageX, finding out about changes for Windows Server 2008 and the right way to use command switches when creating or updating WIM files.Wes Miller
Field Notes:Recycle Your PC
With its relatively unknown Community Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher program, Microsoft supports projects that improve education, create jobs, and enable sustainable economic opportunities for underserved communities.Jim Lynch
Windows Confidential:Calling Dr. Watson
Why does using Dr. Watson to take a memory dump of Winlogon bring down the entire system? This isn’t an accident. Explore the world of Task Manager and critical system files to find out why.Raymond Chen