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Communications:Data Protection and Disaster Recovery for Exchange Server 2007

Exchange Server 2007 includes an array of options to support high availability and disaster recovery. Explore the alternatives Exchange has to offer and plan the ideal recovery solution for your organization. Lee Benjamin

Communications:Improve Security with Windows Mobile 6

While smartphones and PDAs offer access to the network from outside the office, they can also expose the network to new vulnerabilities. Here’s a guide to how Windows Mobile 6 and Exchange Server can help protect your company’s mobile devices and infrastructure. Matt Fontaine

Communications:A Powerful Alternative to Public Folders

MOSS 2007 provides a far more powerful solution for sharing data than Exchange public folders, offering enhanced capabilities and easier administration. Take a look at how you can use SharePoint for sharing calendars, contacts, and documents. Alan Maddison

Communications:Log onto Outlook Web Access with Smart Cards

One of the most vulnerable links in the security chain has to do with weak, easily compromised passwords. Learn how you can improve e-mail security by implementing two-factor smart card authentication for your mobile users. Victor Akinnagbe, Ted Dressel, and Jason Opdycke

Windows Administration:The ActiveX Installer Service in Windows Vista

How do you secure the desktop against malicious ActiveX controls without limiting application compatibility? We’ll take you on a tour of the ActiveX Installer Service (AxIS) in Windows Vista that addresses this issue with a new way to manage ActiveX controls. Rob Campbell and Joel Yoker



From the Editor:Six Degrees
Joshua Trupin
Toolbox:New Products for IT Pros
Greg Steen
SQL Q&A:Inside Clustering, Mysterious Hangs, the SA Account, and More
Edited by Nancy Michell
Utility Spotlight:SMSMap
Seeing the whole SMS hierarchy as a picture can help you quickly understand how your infrastructure is laid out. This handy tool automates creation of your infrastructure diagram in Visio via COM.Jeff Tondt
How IT Works:Troubleshooting RPC Errors
Ever been confused by cryptic remote procedure call errors? Take a look at some common errors, techniques you can use to identify errors, and solutions to specific problems.Zubair Alexander
The Cable Guy:IPv6 Traffic over VPN Connections
Before implementing IPv6 support on your intranet, you need to understand how it is supported over VPN connections. Here's a detailed look at what you need to know.Joseph Davies
Windows PowerShell:Rethinking the Pipeline
Don't mistake the pipeline in Windows PowerShell for the UNIX pipeline. The Windows PowerShell pipeline is responsible for far different and far more powerful functionality.Don Jones
Hey, Scripting Guy!:In Scripts, as in Life, Looks Are Important
For scripts that run in a graphical environment, looks are as important as function and performance. Explore techniques for using cascading style sheets to improve the look of your scripts.The Microsoft Scripting Guys
Exchange Queue & A:Edge and Hub Transport Roles, Virtual Machines, and More
Find out how the Edge and Hub Transport server roles differ, take a look at how the setup process has changed for Exchange 2007, find and read the setup logs, and more.KC Lemson and Nino Bilic
Security Watch:Tools for Managing ACLs
Managing ACLs can be one of the more complicated aspects of protecting the security of your users' systems. Here are some useful utilities to help automate and simplify these tasks.Jesper M. Johansson
The Desktop Files:The Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack
Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack brings together a number of valuable utilities that Microsoft has recently acquired—and one that was built internally. Explore all of its components and see how they can save your IT department a lot of time.Wes Miller
Windows Confidential:The Healing Powers of Safe Mode
Did you know that besides disabling drivers, Windows safe mode repairs problems that can be repaired automatically? Find out why?Raymond Chen