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Windows Vista:10 Things You Need to Know about Deploying Windows Vista

From more flexible image handling to a new boot loader, Windows Vista introduces some important changes for desktop deployment. Here’s a look at 10 ways Windows Vista can make your next deployment faster and easier than ever. Michael Niehaus

Windows Vista:Protect Your PC with New Security Features in Windows Vista

Developed according to the Microsoft Security Development Lifecycle guidelines, Windows Vista offers a level of security not built into earlier versions of Windows. Take a look at the new and enhanced features Windows Vista offers to help you detect and prevent security threats. Justin Harrison

Windows Vista:Achieve the Non-Admin Dream with User Account Control

While limiting user privileges is a good way to help protect your systems, non-admin accounts can be inconvenient, introducing problems such as application compatibility issues. Windows Vista offers new features that make it easier for you to manage and support standard user accounts Alex Heaton

Windows Vista:Enterprise Networking with Windows Vista

Since the release of Windows XP, networking has changed drastically—users are more mobile, wireless networking is everywhere, and security threats are more sophisticated. Take a look at the innovations in Windows Vista that make networking simpler, more secure, and easier to manage. Jason Leznek

Windows Vista:Getting Ready for Windows PE 2.0

Along with Windows Vista, a more powerful version of Windows PE will be released. This overview discusses the new features and capabilities found in Windows PE 2.0 and how these changes will affect you Wes Miller

Windows Vista:Inside the New Microsoft Application Compatibility Toolkit

Before you deploy a new OS, it's critical that you determine potential compatibility issues and solutions for the many applications your organization relies on. Here's an in-depth look at how you can access your software portfolio, determine the impact Windows Vista will have on applications, and find solutions for potential issues. John Melton

Windows Vista:New Tools for Event Management in Windows Vista

Windows Vista presents a giant step forward in enterprise management, offering a new and improved infrastructure and tools designed for event logging and tracing. The result is easier, more powerful ways to gather information and quickly perform troubleshooting. Val Menn

Windows Vista:More Powerful Group Policy in Windows Vista

The Group Policy infrastructure has been overhauled, delivering new management features, new policy settings, support for multiple local GPOs, and much more. This article looks under the hood at the many changes Windows Vista brings to Group Policy. Jeremy Moskowitz


From the Editor:Get Ready for Windows Vista
Joshua Trupin
Toolbox:New Products For IT Pros
Greg Steen
Utility Spotlight:Robocopy GUI
Traditional copy and paste works well enough for simple tasks, but for advanced functionality, you need Robocopy. But what if you're not a fan of the command line? Enter Robocopy GUI.Joshua Hoffman
SQL Q&A:Temp Tables, 64-bit Processing, Mirroring, and More
Your queries answered by Microsoft IT professionals.Edited By Nancy Michell
Hey, Scripting Guy!:Sure, We're Adaptable
You can do a lot of networking through scripts. Two Windows Management Instrumentation classes, Win32_NetworkAdapter and Win32_NetworkAdapaterConfiguration, allow you to work with network adapters on your computers.The Microsoft Scripting Guys
The Future Of Windows:Directory Services in Windows Server "Longhorn"
A number of improvements in Active Directory will come your way with the next version of Windows Server. These new Active Directory features will solve a number of problems you previously had to try to work around or simply live with.Byron Hynes
Security Watch:I Just Got a Security Bulletin. Now What?
The Microsoft monthly security bulletin has helped foster more mature processes for deploying security updates. Since you know security bulletins are released on a predictable day, you can build your own regular processes for handling them. Christopher Budd
Inside and Delegation of ASP.NET
One of the operations team’s challenges is the proper configuration of ASP.NET. Here are some tips they’ve learned.Jeff Toews
Field Notes:Learn to Ask for Help
Edward Dake
Windows Confidential:Handling Compatibility Hacks
What should Windows do when a program is so incompatible with Windows that it cannot run at all or that it runs with severe limitations? The current versions of Windows only display a warning dialog. Here's why.Raymond Chen