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Communication & Collaboration:Get into the Groove: Solutions for Secure and Dynamic Collaboration

Office Groove 2007 lets users collaborate dynamically and securely with people from around the world. Find out how the Groove client can fit into your organization. Yung Chou

Communication & Collaboration:Building an Emergency Operations Center on Groove and SharePoint

Take an inside look at how Groove and SharePoint help the Louisiana State University Emergency Operations Center respond to disaster. John Morello

Communication & Collaboration:Reveal Deeper Meaning: Powerful Exchange Server Analysis with LogParser

There's a lot of useful data hidden in your Exchange Server logs. Learn to use LogParser to examine this data and improve your Exchange environment. Michael Higashi

Communication & Collaboration:Fight Spam on Your Terms with Custom Weight Lists

Explore the new features in Exchange Server 2003 SP2 that offer more powerful ways to stop spam from clogging up your network. Cam Frenette and Alexander Nikolayev

Communication & Collaboration:Achieve High Availability with Exchange Failover Clusters

Don’t let your Exchange Server system go offline. Here’s a real Exchange solution that allows an enterprise to recover quickly from an e-mail outage. Mark Godfrey

Deployment:Boot into RAM with Windows PE

With added support for variable boot configurations, Windows PE has become even more flexible. Learn three different ways to boot into RAM and how this can benefit your next deployment. Wes Miller

Deployment:Make Server Rollouts a Snap with Automated Deployment Services

Intrigued by standardized images, faster rebuilds, and consistent supportability? Automating the deployment of servers offers benefits for any organization—big or small. Here’s what you need to know to get started. John Savill

Deployment:Create More Flexible Office Deployments with the Local Install Source

LIS can greatly simplify Microsoft Office support. This overview covers everything from deployment to maintenance to configuration considerations. Dean Yamada

Small Business Server:Master Your Domain: Build a Corporate Network at Home

Want a home network that’s just as powerful as the one at work? Here’s an affordable solution to bring home secure messaging, shared resources, single sign-on, and everything else you’ve come to expect from your corporate network. Matt Clapham and Jesper M. Johansson



From the Editor:Downtime is a Four-Letter Word
WHAT'S MORE DISTURBING than snakes on a plane, exploding laptop batteries, and the badly deployed puns in this Editor's Note, all put together? It's the idea that the office you're responsible for might start to fall apart. Joshua Trupin
Toolbox:New Products for IT Pros
Greg Steen
Utility Spotlight:File Server Migration Toolkit
Jeremy Moskowitz
SQL Q&A:Running in RAM, Agent Jobs, and More
Edited by Nancy Michell
Hey, Scripting Guy!:Setting Up Outlook E-Mail Signatures
The Microsoft Scripting Guys
How IT Works:Windows Rights Management Services
Randy Muller
Field Notes:Where Did the Net Go?
R'ykandar Korra'ti
Windows Confidential:Compatibility Constraints
Raymond Chen