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System Management:Unlocking the Mystery of WMI Events in MOM

Virtually every noteworthy Windows event generates a WMI event. Find out how you can monitor WMI events with MOM to provide an even more powerful solution for systems management. Brian Wren

System Management:Zero Touch Installation: Automating Operating Systems Migrations

Get an overview of how SMS 2003 and some powerful new tools can make your next desktop OS deployment a no-touch operation. We’ll take a detailed look at the process involved for three common migration scenarios. Jason Cross

System Management:Gathering WMI Data without Writing a Single Line of Code

WMI is a powerful tool, but writing scripts to harness it can be intimidating. Here’s a hidden command-line interface that makes it easier to take advantage of WMI. Best of all, the tool is already on your system. John Kelbley

System Management:Getting Started with Windows PE

You may have encountered Windows PE during OS deployment. But did you know it can also be used for recovery, diagnostics, and repairs? Here’s a look at some of the things you may not have known about Windows PE. Wes Miller

System Management:Monitoring Security Events with MOM

Looking for ways to maintain regulatory compliance? Learn how you can use MOM Management Packs to monitor security events and report data as required by HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley. John Orefice

System Management:Essential Tools for MOM Administration

The MOM 2005 Resource Kit was recently refreshed and some handy new tools were added. Here’s a quick overview of some of the best utilities that will help you get a lot more out of MOM. Dave Cristini, Matt Goedtel, and Eric Kamor

System Management:Integrating MOM into Your Existing Infrastructure

A solid monitoring solution must be highly available and it must integrate with existing systems. From fault tolerance to connectors, here’s what you need to know for planning a MOM deployment that meets both of these requirements. Andrzej Lipka

System Management:Customize SMS Using Local Policies

Do you need to override SMS site settings for just a few machines or configure specific settings for only some clients? Find out how SMS 2003 local policies let you configure custom policy on a per-client basis. Jeff Tondt

System Management:Set High Standards: Powerful Tools for Configuration Management

Problems with system configuration can be disastrous. These tools and best practices can help you keep a handle on system configurations throughout your enterprise computing environment. Jeremy Chapman


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Around the time you read this, the United States Senate likely will be considering a communications bill that may or may not contain guarantees of something called "net neutrality. " If you haven’t heard of this yet, now’s the time to look into it because it’s a matter that could change the very nature of the Internet and the broadband apps and services your company uses online. Joshua Trupin
Toolbox:New Products for IT Pros
Greg Steen
Utility Spotlight:Access-Based Enumeration
As a systems administrator, you've probably had users complain that they can't access certain folders they see in Windows® Explorer. The cause is often simple: the user doesn't have permission to open those resources. James D. Silliman
SQL Q&A:Predicates, Stored Procedures, and More
Edited by Nancy Michell
Post Mortem:Self-Service Identity and Access Management
Microsoft IT Showcase and Lana Chin
Business of IT:Understanding Regulatory Compliance
Tony Noblett
TechNet Radio:An Interview with Alan Levine of Alcoa
Every week, TechNet Radio covers the latest trends and technologies in the world of IT, and provides interviews with real IT professionals who work in the field. Alan Levine, Chief Security Information Officer for Alcoa Inc.
Hey, Scripting Guy!:Late-Night Scripting
The Microsoft Scripting Guys
Beta Box:System Center Operations Manager 2007
Stewart Cawthray
Inside Management
Jim Scardelis
Security Watch:Lock Up Your Domain Controllers
Steve Riley
Field Notes:The Job Candidate’s Job
Glenn Wasserman
What is TechNet?:Resources for the IT Professional
Windows Confidential:Why are Shortcuts Files?
Raymond Chen