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Managing Identity:The 7 Laws of Identity

Digital identities have taken on an increasingly important role in the corporate infrastructure, as IT departments define what applications and data sources each individual user can access. But as the role of identities has grown, so has the complexity of identity systems. Joshua Trupin

Managing Identity:MIIS Gets your Directories in Sync

Trying to maintain security and identity information in a large, heterogeneous network can be difficult and complicated. And this can put your network at risk. Fortunately, Microsoft Identity Randy Muller

Managing Identity:5 Essential Tools for MIIS

Identity and access management. These are important issues as your business implements systems that provide corporate information to employees, business partners, and customers. Jenn Goth

Managing Identity:Automate Active Directory Group Management

Group management is central to today's businesses. Groups are commonly used to control access to network resources, computers, buildings, and so on. Simultaneously, they need to grant access to Craig Owen

Managing Identity:Simplify Single Sign-on Using ADFS

Matt Steele

Managing Identity:Create Custom Directories with ADAM

Active Directory Application Mode, also known as ADAM, is often misunderstood. In this article I will demystify ADAM, explain how it can be a useful tool in many organizations, and show you some valuable utilities that make it easier to use. Brian Redmond

Managing Identity:Extreme VPN Makeover

Who decided that Virtual Private Networks, or VPNs, were a good idea? With VPNs, we could let armies of mobile workers with "legitimate" business needs connect to our nice corporate David Conrad

Managing Identity:The InfoCard Identity Revolution

Keith Brown

Microsoft Office:Create Scorecards For Your Business With Office

Let's assume, as I'm going to do here, that you manage a sales team tasked with meeting regular sales quotas. Team member sales are logged into your corporate database, but you have no easy way of telling your team members how well they are doing. Mauro Cardarelli



From the Editor:cc160968(v=msdn.10).md
Summer is finally here, and you know what that means—vacations, travel, long days by the pool sipping margaritas, without a care in the world! Joshua Trupin
Toolbox:New Products for IT Professionals
System and network administrators always seem to be looking for a better monitoring solution. By better, I mean more stable, more cost-effective, more scalable, and loaded with more features. NETIKUS. Greg Steen
Utility Spotlight:The Shared Computer Toolkit
One of the most common requests I get at my Group Policy forum, GPanswers. com, is how to take machines and "lock them down. " People want to ensure their machines can’t be broken by Joe User or Harry Badguy. Jeremy Moskowitz
SQL Q&A:Monitoring DBAs, Replicating Sprocs, and More
Your queries answered by Microsoft IT professionals.Nancy Michell
How IT Works:SMS Client-Side Software Installation
When configuring a software package for distribution in Systems Management Server (SMS) 2003, the administrator must choose the user context under which the software will be installed—either the logged-on user or the administrative context. Steve Rachui
Hey, Scripting Guy!:It’s About Time (Oh, and About Dates, Too)
You know, the Scripting Guys hardly ever wax philosophical. (We hardly ever wax our cars or our floors, either, but that’s a different story. ) When it comes to the nature of time, however, well, in that case we just can’t help ourselves. The Microsoft Scripting Guys
Inside Microsoft.com:Managing SQL Server 2005 Peer-to-Peer Replication
The Microsoft corporate Web sites rely heavily on databases, which power such high-traffic destinations as Microsoft® Update, Download Center, Communities, TechNet, and MSDN®. Microsoft. com operations has a team of 17 engineers, the SQL Server™ operations team, that manages these database systems. David Lindquist
Security Watch:Help Wanted—Need "People" People
I’m not really a people person. I’ve said so for years. My old college roommate, Joe, had a better way to put it, but the way he said it is unfortunately not suitable for print. Frankly, not being a people person is a good part of the reason I went into IT in the first place. Jesper M. Johansson
Field Notes:An Ounce of Prevention
All good IT pros worry about their servers. If something goes wrong it’s your problem and it’s usually a big one. Most of you stick your servers in a closet and neglect them. Unless something blows up, you may not even look at them for months at a time. Jay Shaw
TechNet Update:Resource for the IT Professional
The complete Microsoft TechNet Program provides comprehensive tools and authoritative information to help IT professionals get the most out of Microsoft products and technologies. It’s where you turn for the latest security alerts, live discussions, virtual testing labs, free tools, and in-depth articles that allow you to be more responsive, more informed, and more effective.
Windows Confidential:A Brief and Incomplete History of FAT32
Why did classic Windows 95 limit local hard drives to 2GB? Some people would lead you to believe that the FAT file system team said, "Y’know, the FAT file system supports hard drives of indefinite size, but let’s impose an artificial cap just to make people’s lives more frustrating. Raymond Chen