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  • Communications and Collaboration: How Voice Powers OCS 2007
    Rajesh Ramanathan - July 2008
    Microsoft Office Communication Server brings important changes to enterprise telephony. Examine how voice calls are made layer by layer, learn how calls can be routed to various endpoints, and explore the importance of conversations in OCS communications.

  • Office Communications Server: How Presence Powers OCS 2007
    Rajesh Ramanathan - February 2008
    Office Communications Server 2007 uses information about user availability to route communications to the most appropriate place—whether it's sending a voice call, a video conference, an e-mail message, or an IM. See how the OCS 2007 system uses presence to connect endpoints.

  • Office Communications Server: Plan Your OCS 2007 Voice Deployment
    Jochen Kunert and Rui Maximo - February 2008
    Integrating Office Communications Server 2007 with an existing PBX system can be a challenging task. You need to select an integration scenario, understand call routing, know how to configure user settings, deal with number plans, and more. But don't worry. This overview will show you what you need to know.

  • Communications: Connecting Users with Office Communications Server 2007
    Alan Maddison - September 2007
    Unified communication is here. Take a tour of the Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 and find out how integrated messaging, voice, video, and conferencing features can help to improve productivity and enhance long-distance collaboration in your organization.