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  • Inside SharePoint: Securing External SharePoint Communications
    Pav Cherny - September 2009
    Protecting SharePoint from the bad guys involves understanding your topology and layering solutions.

  • Inside SharePoint: Improving SharePoint Performance
    Pav Cherny - August 2009
    Pav Cherney presents an overview of key SharePoint architecture components, describes how they can lead to common performance issues, and discusses how to resolve and troubleshoot problems.

  • Inside SharePoint: SharePoint Security Hardening
    Pav Cherny - July 2009
    SharePoint security hardening requires an end-to-end approach that addresses the full spectrum of security dependencies and risks within and across server farms. Pav Cherny discusses how deploying NAP with IPsec enforcement is an effective way to harden your SharePoint infrastructure.

  • Inside SharePoint: Creating an External Storage Solution for SharePoint
    Pav Cherny - June 2009
    Storing unstructured data in SharePoint content databases is not always ideal. This article discusses the advantages and disadvantages of using an external storage solution; extending the SharePoint storage architecture using the ISPExternalBinaryProvider API in managed and unmanaged code; and how to avoid data loss during lazy garbage collection.

  • Inside SharePoint: Integrate Information Rights Management into SharePoint
    Pav Cherny - May 2009
    Continuing last month’s discussion about SharePoint integration with AD RMS, this column show you how to establish an AD RMS pre-production development environment, compile the IRM protectors, and integrate the compiled components into WSS 3.0.

  • Inside SharePoint: Security and Compliance with AD RMS
    Pav Cherny - April 2009
    SharePoint integration with AD RMS can be useful for extending security and regulatory compliance solutions beyond the SharePoint environment. But for real security, the SharePoint environment must be secure within itself.

  • Inside SharePoint: Updating Security Account Credentials
    Pav Cherny - March 2009
    The second of a two-part series, this installment discusses how automating password changes for SharePoint security accounts is complicated despite the fact that the SharePoint object model includes the necessary logic to carry out credential updates.

  • Microsoft Office: Business Intelligence with SharePoint and Excel
    Ben Curry and Bill English with the Microsoft SharePoint teams - February 2009
    A good business intelligence strategy can both streamline business processes and boost productivity and profit. And rolling out a solution with tools that you already have may be easier than you think. Find out how you can integrate Microsoft Office Excel and Excel Services with SharePoint to create a business intelligence solution.A good business intelligence strategy can both streamline business processes and boost productivity and profit. And rolling out a solution with tools that you already have may be easier than you think. Find out how you can integrate Microsoft Office Excel and Excel Services with SharePoint to create business intelligence solution.

  • Inside SharePoint: Maintaining Security Account Credentials
    Pav Cherny - February 2009
    In the first part of a two-part series on the standard procedures and tools for maintaining SharePoint security accounts, Pav Cherny explores the architectural details and the complicated process of accomplishing password changes.

  • Inside SharePoint: SharePoint Security Accounts
    Pav Cherny - January 2009
    Take a close look at SharePoint Security Accounts to see how a weak configuration can give an attacker full control over all site collections and sites.

  • Inside SharePoint: Enterprise Project Management with SharePoint
    Pav Cherny - December 2008
    Microsoft Office Project Server (MOPS) 2007 is extremely complex and difficult to deploy. Yet the effort is worthwhile—MOPS inherits the strengths of SharePoint as an enterprise platform, allowing you to increase the efficiency of team collaboration within and across departments. This article discusses some of the challenges you’ll face when deploying MOPS.

  • Inside SharePoint: Extending Office Applications with Web Services
    Pav Cherny - November 2008
    Web services are fundamental building blocks of distributed business applications. Here's an overview of how you can use Web services in a SharePoint environment to extend Microsoft Office applications.

  • Inside SharePoint: SharePoint Directory Integration
    Pav Cherny - September 2008
    Pav Cherny discusses the limitations of the built-in Directory Management Service in SharePoint and explains how you can replace this component with a custom solution that lets you synchronize SharePoint recipient information with other directory solutions.

  • Inside SharePoint: Troubleshoot Messaging Integration
    Pav Cherny - August 2008
    Integrating SharePoint into a secure messaging environment is no trivial task, but the positive impact on productivity will make the project worth all the effort. Here is some guidance on how to troubleshoot issues that may arise when you’re setting up the environment.

  • Communications and Collaboration: Create Powerful Connections with Groove and SharePoint
    Alan Maddison - July 2008
    Microsoft Office Groove and SharePoint Server both provide powerful collaboration capabilities. Compare how they differ from and complement one another, and find out how you can integrate Groove and SharePoint to provide an easy and flexible collaboration solution that will support users at different locations.

  • Inside SharePoint: Integrating Office Applications
    Pav Cherny - July 2008
    Find out how Microsoft Office applications integrate and communicate with SharePoint, and explore ways you can integrate non-Microsoft applications with SharePoint using the same principles.

  • Inside Sharepoint: Decentralizing Site Administration
    Pav Cherny - June 2008
    Explore the advantages and implications of delegating administrative control over SharePoint sites to individual departments while maintaining centralized administrative control over the SharePoint infrastructure.

  • Utility Spotlight: SharePoint Capacity Planning
    Peter Skjøtt Larsen and Satish Mathew - May 2008
    Explore the SharePoint Capacity Planning Tool and see how you can design a topology for deploying SharePoint and then revise that topology after running load and usage simulations.

  • Inside Sharepoint: Building Your SharePoint Infrastructure
    Pav Cherny - May 2008
    SharePoint is powerful, but its complexity can make deployment quite challenging. Our new SharePoint column can help. In this first installment, we give an overview of the SharePoint architecture and show you how to set up a basic SharePoint infrastructure with WSS 3.0.

  • Microsoft Office: Integrating Access Databases with SharePoint
    Peter Serzo - April 2008
    Many businesses still rely on Microsoft Access. Fortunately, Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 allows you to integrate legacy Access data. Explore how you can use these tools to build new solutions for your organization.

  • SharePoint: A Smart Approach to Gathering Data in the Enterprise
    Keith Deshaies - February 2008
    Information is one of the most important assets in an enterprise. But it can be a challenge to manage the mountain of data being gathered through e-mail, Web-based forms, surveys, and other mechanisms. Here's a look at how the Microsoft Office system can help you integrate systems and make data more accessible.

  • SharePoint: Building a Powerful Survey Infrastructure
    Jim Bradley - February 2008
    Gathering and analyzing data is an essential part of business, but you need tools that will allow independent teams to collect the data they need, when they need it. Find out how you can use WSS 3.0, MOSS 2007, and InfoPath 2007 to build a complete and flexible survey solution that can be used throughout the enterprise.

  • SharePoint: Standardize Data Management with Custom Content Types
    Pav Cherny - February 2008
    The vast number of disparate documents and other content items stored throughout a large organization can make it difficult to manage documents, their associated metadata, and their behaviors in a centralized and reusable way. Take a look at how you can use content types in SharePoint 2007 to simplify content management across the enterprise.

  • Communications: A Powerful Alternative to Public Folders
    Alan Maddison - July 2007
    MOSS 2007 provides a far more powerful solution for sharing data than Exchange public folders, offering enhanced capabilities and easier administration. Take a look at how you can use SharePoint for sharing calendars, contacts, and documents.

  • Utility Spotlight: Upgrade Toolkit for SharePoint Sites and Templates
    Luis Câmara Manoel and Peter Skjøtt Larsen - May 2007
    Upgrading to Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 can pose challenges if you use customized sites and templates. Explore a new Solution Accelerator that provides tools and guidance to help you get the job done.

  • SharePoint: An Overview of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007
    Thomas Rizzo - January 2007
    The new version of SharePoint is poised to meet all your collaboration and information management needs in a single, integrated platform. Here’s a tour of the new features and tools in MOSS that will change the way your enterprise works.

  • SharePoint: 7 New Features That Enhance Security in SharePoint
    Adam Robert Buenz - January 2007
    With SharePoint tapping into more enterprise data and becoming more integral to business workflow, security becomes far more critical. Find out how these seven new features in MOSS can quickly improve security in your organization.

  • SharePoint: Find It All with SharePoint Enterprise Search
    Matt Hester - January 2007
    Your company loses time and money while employees try to track down information. Enterprise search can help. MOSS offers an enterprise search tool that can find information quickly, whether it’s tucked away on an intranet site, living in a line of a business application, or even residing with a single employee.

  • SharePoint: Powerful Command Line Administration for SharePoint
    Todd Klindt - January 2007
    Don’t get bogged down with a GUI. There’s a far more powerful and much faster way to manage SharePoint, which lets you perform administrative tasks from a command prompt and even script common procedures.

  • SharePoint: Wiki While You Work
    Mauro Cardarelli - January 2007
    Wikis offer a new, more flexible way to collaborate, promoting an unstructured approach to thinking and exchanging ideas. And MOSS 2007 makes it incredibly easy to implement wikis in your organization. Here’s what you need to know to start building and using wikis in the workplace.

  • Communication & Collaboration: Building an Emergency Operations Center on Groove and SharePoint
    John Morello - October 2006
    Take an inside look at how Groove and SharePoint help the Louisiana State University Emergency Operations Center respond to disaster.

  • Microsoft Office: Be Prepared: A Guide to SharePoint Disaster Prevention and Recovery
    Jeff Centimano - November • December 2005

  • Microsoft Office: Get Better Metrics With New Reporting Tools For SharePoint Portal Server
    Eric Brown - November • December 2005