From The Editor

It is with great pride that we present to you the inaugural issue of TechNet Magazine, the Microsoft journal for IT pros. Our goal is simple: we want to be your best source for in-depth technical information about how you can best use Microsoft tools and technologies in your IT job.

We serve the technical IT professional. The term "IT pro" covers a wide range of job functions, from the CIO to the network administrator to the administrative assistant responsible for resetting the laser printer down the hall. TechNet Magazine focuses on the technical core of the IT worker. For those of you working on applications and line-of-business products, we will feature real-world solutions, SQL Server, Exchange, and other tools. Do you specialize in network infrastructure? Every issue of TechNet Magazine will discuss Windows networking and Active Directory, and will remove some of the mystery behind them. Perhaps you administer 5,000 desktops and need to get security updates out to them. Our deployment coverage is for you.

We have unique content from Microsoft and well-known external authors. Microsoft security response has had a mixed reputation in the past, but I can tell you that there's no other company with as many resources dedicated to software security. When I first discussed the magazine with our security response teams earlier this year, we got a flood of great info. The articles we present here, written by Microsoft and external professionals, represent our commitment to security.

Every article in TechNet Magazine will help you do your job better. The premiere issue, which you are now holding, focuses on security from an IT perspective. If you're an IT pro, you understand how important security has become in your job. The best way to keep your site safe is to know the dangers you face, how to prevent them, and how to respond to them. Our security focus in this issue is split into three categories: hacking, cross-platform security, and beyond the basics. If you pick any article in the magazine, you'll come away with new tools to do your job.

We don't shy away from cross-platform coverage. We understand that it is the rare enterprise configuration that includes a single-vendor solution in all areas. TechNet Magazine has been founded to assist, not evangelize. In this issue, we show you how to deploy Kerberos across Windows and UNIX, how to make Apple Macs talk to Active Directory, and how to deploy Cisco Unity with Microsoft Exchange.

We are dedicated to content. Like our sister publication, MSDN Magazine, we provide at least 80 pages of real content in this and future issues. It's the only way we can begin to cover all the topics that can help you at work.

The magazine is a benefit of the Microsoft TechNet program. TechNet is undergoing a revitalization this year. If you're a TechNet subscriber in the United States, you are eligible for a free subscription to TechNet Magazine. If not, you can still get all of our content online at No paid wall, just great content.

We want to hear from you. Drop us a line at Tell us what you want to see in future issues of TechNet Magazine, how we've helped you, and what you liked. You're our best partner in this venture, and we're all ears.—J.T.

Thanks to the following Microsoft technical experts for their help with this issue: Lauren Antonoff, Norm Barber, Mary Browning, Charlie Chung, Steve Dodson, Ramsey Dow, Eric Fitzgerald, Ken Henderson, Joshua Hoffman, Kamal Janardhan, Jesper Johansson, Dan Longley, Laura Machado de Wright, Vikas Malhotra, Simon Marks, David Mowers, Michael Murgolo, Paul Thomsen, Angela Pan, Ben Smith, Michael Stowe, and George Swiger

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