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Joshua Trupin

I'VE GONE ABOUT THREE DECADES of my life without winning anything. My instant lottery tickets always end up with two cherries and a frowny face. I open up candy wrappers and they say "Sorry, try again." I pick New York teams in playoff football pools.

Considering this poor track record, it's no wonder I get a thrill out of actually winning something. TechNet Magazine just collected four awards from the Society for Technical Communication (STC). We put a lot of work into every issue, so it's wonderful to have that work recognized. I want to take a moment to acknowledge our staff and authors for their contributions.

Our March/April 2006 issue brought you a clear and accessible guide to Active Directory in the form of a jigsaw puzzle poster. It was wildly popular-in fact, we're still getting daily requests for copies! The STC gave our poster an award of Excellence for Software Guides.

Two of our articles also received high marks. Both the August 2006 "Playing with Exchange in a Sandbox," by Greg Taylor and Simon Shepherd, and the May/June 2006 "Deconstructing Common Security Myths," by Jesper Johansson and Steve Riley, received awards of Merit from the STC.

TechNet Magazine itself won an Award of Excellence for Scholarly & Professional Journals. I couldn't be prouder of the recognition, and the same goes for everyone who works on our team.

Don't worry, we're not going to rest on our laurels. In this issue, Mark Russinovich explores more of the kernel changes in Windows Vista-key information of lasting value for any IT pro involved in desktop deployment or support services. We're also bringing you in-depth coverage of SQL Server this month, which runs the gamut from using index metadata to table partitioning and high-availability options to tips for clustering.

We never take a break here at One TechNet Magazine Plaza. (Deadlines will do that to you.) However, we do enjoy an occasional change of venue. We'll be at Microsoft TechoEd in Orlando from June 4-8, 2007 (see Come by to meet some of the award-winning editors and authors of TechNet Magazine. We've got some giveaways and fun stuff planned, so you never know-we could make you a winner too. -JOSHUA TRUPIN

Thank you to the following Microsoft technical experts: Vijay Bharadwaj, Paul Bowden, Elden Christensen, Manish Karla, Michael Murgolo, Rajeev Nagar, John Peng, Mark Russinovich, Abraham Samuel, Mark Scurrell, Jim Truher, George Walters, and Buck Woody.

Joshua Trupin

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