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  • Business Intelligence: Planning Your First Microsoft BI Solution
    Stacia Misner - August 2009
    Even BI novices can learn what goes into creating a BI solution, from planning and designing a data mart to preparing data. An Adventure Works example illustrates the first steps a company can take to ensure that its BI solution supports the strategic decisions it needs to make.

  • Business of IT: Controlling the Business Value Debate
    Romi Mahajan - July 2009
    When questioned about the business value of IT, IT professionals must not cede the debate to the questioner. Instead of directly responding, they should choose an approach that reveals both the invalidity of the question and the virtues of IT.

  • Field Notes: IT Does Matter
    Romi Mahajan - May 2009
    Romi Mahajan notes the reasons people sometimes doubt the value of IT, then discusses why those reasons have little validity.

  • Business of IT: Reinventing IT in Difficult Times
    Romi Mahajan - May 2009
    IT organizations have more intrinsic value than is immediately apparent. They need to find ways to demonstrate that value in order to reclaim their rightful standing in their companies. This article discusses five approaches they can take.

  • Business of IT: Lowering the Cost of IT
    Karen Forster - May 2009
    Of course you want to lower the cost of IT—without hurting either your company or the IT department itself. That may seem impossible at first, but if you step back and look at your entire IT infrastructure and business needs, you can find unexpected ways to save money without causing too much pain. This article presents a number of suggestions that can help you identify ways to reduce IT costs while increasing IT’s value to your business.

  • Field Notes: Customer Centricity
    Romi Mahajan - April 2009
    A look at why IT organizations need to really care about the customers they serve, act on that commitment consistently, and collect feedback on their performance.

  • The Business of IT: 10 Keys to Becoming an Environmental Leader
    Michael Walsh and Eliza Walsh - June 2008
    As IT departments play an increasingly important role in corporate environmental efforts, IT professionals are finding an opportunity to drive change and become thought leaders in their companies and industries. Here's an overview to becoming an effective thought leader for environmental and sustainability initiatives in your organization.

  • Sustainable Computing: Imagine Cup 2008: Competing for Change
    Mitch Irsfeld - May 2008
    For the 2008 Imagine Cup, students have been challenged to use technology to enable a sustainable environment. Finalists in the U.S. competition recently presented their solutions in Los Angeles, and TechNet Magazine was there to see the innovative ideas participants have come up with.