Tip: How to Quickly Create a Copy of a Table using Transact-SQL

The easiest way to create a copy of a table is to use a Transact-SQL command. Use SELECT INTO to extract all the rows from an existing table into the new table. The new table must not exist already. The following example will copy the Customers table under the Sales schema to a new table called CurrCustomers under the BizDev schema:
SELECT * INTO BizDev.CurrCustomers FROM Sales.Customers

You can also create the new table from a specific subset of columns in the original table. In this case, you specify the names of the columns to copy after the SELECT keyword. Any columns not specified are excluded from the new table. The following example copies specific columns to a new table:
SELECT CustName, Address, Telephone, Email INTO BizDev.CurrCustomers
FROM Sales.Customers

From the Microsoft Press book Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Administrator's Pocket Consultant.

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