Tip: Use the Exchange Management Shell to Create New Mail Users and Mailboxes

You can use the Exchange Management Shell to create a new mail. The cmdlet you use is New-MailUser. You also need to supply a number of parameters that identify the name of the user and the external mail address. The syntax for creating a new mail user is:

New-MailUser -Name <name>  -FirstName <First>  -LastName <Last> 
-ExternalEmailAddress <externalmailaddress>  -UserPrincipalName
<userprincipalname>  -OrganizationalUnit <OU> 

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For example, to create a user named Marc Boyer with the external address marc.boyer@adventureworks.com, you could use the cmdlet:

New-MailUser -Name Marc -FirstName Marc -LastName Boyer -ExternalEmailAddress
marc.boyer@adventureworks.com -UserPrincipalName marc@contoso.com
-OrganizationalUnit contoso.com

You can also create a new mailbox resource using the Exchange Management Shell. The cmdlet you use for this is New-MailBox. Here, you also need to supply additional parameters, to identify the resource. The syntax for creating a new mailbox resource is:

New-Mailbox -database <"StorageGroup\MailboxDatabase">  -Name <Name> 
-OrganizationalUnit <"OU">  -DisplayName <"DisplayName">  -UserPrincipalName
<userprincipalname>  –Type

The type parameter will be either room or equipment. For example, to create a room mailbox named Train1 in an organizational unit named Training Rooms, you could use this cmdlet:

New-Mailbox -database "Storage Group 1\Mailbox Database 1" -Name Train1
-OrganizationalUnit "Training Rooms" -DisplayName "Train1" -UserPrincipalName
train1@contoso.com –Room

From the Microsoft Press book Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 Administrator’s Companion, Second Edition by Walter Glen, Scott Lowe, and Joshua Maher.

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