Tip: Configure a Custom Schedule for Regular Maintenance Tasks

You should run maintenance routines against databases on a daily basis. The maintenance routines organize the databases, clear out extra space, and perform other essential housekeeping tasks. By default, Exchange Server runs maintenance tasks daily from 1:00 A.M. to 5:00 A.M. If this conflicts with other activities on the Exchange server, you can change the maintenance schedule by following these steps:
1. In Exchange Management Console, right-click the database you want to work with, and then select Properties.
2. On the General tab in the Properties dialog box, use the Maintenance Schedule list to set a new maintenance time. Select a time (such as Run Daily From 11:00 P.M. To 3:00 A.M.) or select Use Custom Schedule.
3. Click OK.

Note that if you want to set a custom schedule, select Use Custom Schedule, and then click Customize. You can now set the times when maintenance should occur.

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In the Exchange Management Shell, you can configure the maintenance schedule for a database by using the set-MailboxDatabase and set-PublicFolderDatabase cmdlets. Here’s the syntax and an example in which replication is configured to occur between Friday at 9:00 PM and Monday at 1:00 AM.


set-MailboxDatabase –Identity 'DatabaseIdentity'
–MaintenanceSchedule Schedule
set-PublicFolderDatabase –Identity 'DatabaseIdentity'
–MaintenanceSchedule Schedule


set-MailboxDatabase –Identity 'CORPSVR127\Storage Group 2\Eng DB'
–MaintenanceSchedule 'Fri.9:00 PM-Mon.1:00 AM'

From the Microsoft Press book Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 Administrator’s Pocket Consultant, Second Edition by William R. Stanek.

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