TechNet Magazine: May 2013

dn170430(v=msdn.10).md Editor’s Note: Use what you’ve got

By Lafe Low

For years, we’ve all heard the mantra, “Do more with less.” No one has the budget for a massive rip-and-replace type of upgrade anymore. You’ve got to make the most of what you already have available. When making a move to virtualization—and, more specifically, to Microsoft Hyper-V 3.0—you can do so with commodity or existing hardware.

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SharePoint 2010: Grow your SharePoint farmSharePoint 2010: Effective information delivery


Windows Confidential:
Once bitten, twice shy

By Raymond Chen

You have to be careful what you include in your default links history, because it may inadvertently cause problems.

Utility Spotlight:
Manage and update Internet Explorer 10

Lance Whitney

You can use the Internet Explorer Administration Kit or Group Policy to control and modify settings in Internet Explorer 10.

Windows PowerShell:
Workflow activities in depth

By Don Jones

Each month this year, Don Jones will present an installment in a 12-part tutorial on Windows PowerShell Workflow. We encourage you to read through the series in order, beginning with the January 2013 column.

New products for IT professionals

By Greg Steen

These two systems-monitoring products give you a sweeping view of network operations, right down to system-level details.

Geek of All Trades:
Certificates made easy: part 2

By Greg Shields

You can create and provision custom certificates relatively easily following this process.

Keep your data manageable

By Paul S. Randal

This month, our SQL Server columnist helps readers parse through differing data, develop strategy and manage data with filegroups.