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Business Intelligence:Planning Your First Microsoft BI Solution

Even BI novices can learn what goes into creating a BI solution, from planning and designing a data mart to preparing data. An Adventure Works example illustrates the first steps a company can take to ensure that its BI solution supports the strategic decisions it needs to make. Stacia Misner

Business Intelligence:Building a Data Foundation for a BI Solution

See how you can design and build a data mart that uses SQL Server 2008 Integration Services to perform the extract, transform and load (ETL) processes for the Adventure Works BI solution introduced in "Planning Your First Microsoft BI Solution." Derek Comingore

Web Infrastructure:ASP.NET Web Cache Spurs Performance and Scalability

By reducing the number of times that certain Web pages execute, Web-caching solutions can dramatically reduce performance and scalability bottlenecks. This article offers a comprehensive look at ASP.NET Web Cache key features, geographical cache distribution, Web-caching clusters and more. Iqbal Khan

Microsoft Dynamics:Troubleshooting Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Fixing server-side performance issues starts with an understanding of the components comprising Microsoft Dynamics CRM and how those fit in your overall system architecture. Here’s a look at the Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution, five steps to follow for troubleshooting and tools for helping you diagnose the problems. Aaron Elder

Commerce Server 2009:Getting Started with Commerce Server 2009

Commerce Server 2009 leverages the strengths of a mature platform, addresses many common deployment pain points and provides a solid e-commerce framework. Learn about CS 2009’s enhanced features, optional components and the new functionality created by its integration with SharePoint Server 2007. Alan Maddison


From the Editor:A Friendly Push in the Right Direction
Howard Dierking
Toolbox:New Products for IT Professionals
Greg Steen highlights new tools and utilities for the IT Professional.Greg Steen
SQL Q&A:Checksum Problems, Choosing the Correct Recovery Model and More
Paul S. Randal answers your SQL questions: How can I tell when there’s a checksum problem without waiting until the monthly maintenance plan? Is it true that using a GUID as the clustered index key can lead to performance issues with indexes? How can I choose the correct recovery model? And more!Paul S. Randal
Utility Spotlight:SDelete
This free utilitly from Microsoft permanently wipes single files, directories or multiple objects, and purges unallocated clusters of a disk.Lance Whitney
Inside SharePoint:Improving SharePoint Performance
Pav Cherney presents an overview of key SharePoint architecture components, describes how they can lead to common performance issues, and discusses how to resolve and troubleshoot problems.Pav Cherny
Windows PowerShell:Stay Seated!
Windows PowerShell v2 aims to fix the server management shortcomings of Windows Management Instrumentation. Don Jones shows how the new remoting features in Windows PowerShell v2 are a powerful and simple way to run any commands on remote computers.Don Jones
Geek of all Trades:Microsoft's New Certifications: What They Are, Why They Matter
With the Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer credential being retired for all iterations but Windows Server 2003, a new certification program has been created. Greg Shields explains how this new certification path helps to better identify where your skills lie.Greg Shields
Windows Confidential:Windows 'Prettified' Filenames
Why case-sensitivity doesn’t matter to Windows, just to a user’s sense of aesthetics.Raymond Chen