Tip: Display Loaded and Available Modules in Windows PowerShell

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Windows PowerShell modules exist in two states: loaded and unloaded. To display a list of all loaded modules, you can use the Get-Module cmdlet without any parameters, as shown here:
PS C:\> Get-Module

If multiple modules are loaded when the Get-Module cmdlet is run, each module will be listed and its accompanying exported commands will appear on their own individual lines. If no modules are loaded, nothing is displayed to the Windows PowerShell console (no errors are displayed, and there is no confirmation that the command was actually run).

To obtain a listing of all modules that are available on the system but are not loaded into the Windows PowerShell console, you can use the Get-Module cmdlet with the −ListAvailable parameter, as shown here:
PS C:\> Get-Module –ListAvailable

From the Microsoft Press book Windows PowerShell 2.0 Best Practices by Ed Wilson with the Windows PowerShell Teams at Microsoft.

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