TechNet Magazine: September 2010

ff955765(v=msdn.10).md Editor's Note: Silver and Gold

By Lafe Low

There are two significant technologies we’ll be covering in TechNet Magazine this month. The first is Silverlight, the Microsoft rich Internet application platform. While Silverlight may have been flying somewhat under the radar in the early days since its introduction several years ago, it’s maturing into a development platform worthy of supporting and running heavy-duty business applications. Probably the most significant change that put Silverlight in the spotlight was the change from JavaScript to .NET as a development model. Check out what Gill Cleeren and Kevin Dockx have to say in “Build Your Business Apps in Silverlight.” Read more…



IT Management Managing IT in a Recession—Tips for Survival
By Romi Mahajan

Being an IT manager in this ever-changing world of technology and business is hard enough. Throw in a flaky economy and it’s downright perilous. Here’s how to survive.


Windows PowerShell: Cereal or Serial?
By Don Jones

Serializing can help when exporting or retrieving objects with Windows PowerShell.


Utility Spotlight: Create Your Own Online Courses
By Lance Witney

Take control of your internal training programs, and develop your own custom courseware with the Microsoft Learning Content Development System.

Geek of All Trades: Automatically Deploying Microsoft Office 2010 with Free Tools
By Greg Shields

You can’t avoid Office 2010, but you can find other ways to automate installation with any of these free tools.


SQL Q & A Maintaining Logs and Indexes
By Paul S. Randal

Some of the key ways to keeping SQL Server running efficiently are preserving log backups and properly maintaining indexes.

Windows Confidential: History—the Long Way Through
By Raymond Chen

Join our Windows Confidential columnist for a decidedly roundabout tour of all the directories with the word “system” in their name.


Toolbox: New Products for IT Professionals
By Greg Steen

This month’s tools include a free RAM disk emulator and a top-notch synchronization tool.