TechNet Magazine: October 2010

gg257968(v=msdn.10).md Editor's Note: The Many Facets of Security

By Lafe Low

The job of securing your company’s networks, endpoints, desktops, mobile devices, storage, cloud efforts and everything else can seem overwhelming at times. Whether it falls under the auspices of IT or is a discrete security function, the responsibility for locking down the technology and policies for any modern organization is a colossal task. Security has grown into far more of a job than simply installing a firewall and making sure everyone is using a sufficiently strong password. Read more…



Geek of All Trades: Monitoring Servers with System Center Essentials 2010
By Greg Shields

Where PerfMon falls short, Essentials comes in with a powerful, flexible, configurable option for monitoring just about any aspect your servers exhibit.


Windows PowerShell: The Many Options for Out
By Don Jones

There are more ways to generate output using Windows PowerShell than you may think. Here are some that have recently come to light.

Toolbox: New Products for IT Professionals
By Greg Steen

This month, the TechNet IT toolbox includes tools for consolidating monitoring data, automatically adjusting the brightness of your monitor, and scheduling and managing tasks.


Windows Confidential: Leftovers from Windows 3.0
By Raymond Chen

Some leftover interface elements dating back to the days of Windows 3.0 let you remove and hide icons in several different ways.

Utility Spotlight: Looking at Windows Live Mesh 2011
By Lance Whitney

Windows Live Mesh lets you synchronize just about any type of file, whether it’s a Microsoft Office file or even Internet Explorer favorites.


Exchange Queue & A:: Gone to the DAGs
By Henrik Walther

Using database availability groups is a great idea, especially because you can copy and store them in multiple locations—but mind the addressing issues.