Tip: Manage and Understand the Behavior of Expired MED-V Workspaces

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Workspace Expiration Options
Using the MED-V Management Console, Workspace expiration options are set in the General section of the deployment tab.

Expiration options can be set on a per-user or per-group basis. When the workspace expiration date is set, it takes effect for the workspace during the next policy refresh (which is on login, every 15 minutes, or manually through the system tray). If a workspace is active, and the workspace expiration occurs, it will not affect an active workspace session. But once the workspace stops in that case, the workspace will no longer be made available to the user.


Workspace Deletion Options
An additional option is made available for determining the behavior of workspace images on the client under certain configuration parameters. These include when the workspace is expired, when the workspace is offline for a certain amount of time, or the workspace has been disabled. These options were primarily designed for revertible workspaces in that deletion of persistent workspaces are often only used for added security of normally connected workspaces.

If a parameter triggering workspace deletion has occurred and the workspace is currently running, the deletion will take place once the workspace is stopped. It is important to note only the images (all versions) beneath C:\MED-V Images\<IMAGENAME> will be deleted and not pre-staged CKM images.


The Behavior
Note that it is important that you understand the behavior from a user’s standpoint. If the user is attempting to start a MED-V Workspace, he may receive a message stating that there are no workspaces available, or he may see a list of workspaces but the one the user is looking for is not available. This usually means one of the following:

  • The workspace has not been enabled for the user
  • The workspace is enabled but has expired

Users will receive no warning prior to expiration. In addition, users will not receive any notice once the workspace has expired.

Tip by J.C. Hornbeck, a System Center Knowledge Engineer at Microsoft. Among other duties, J.C. Hornbeck manages a variety of TechNet blogs, including The Microsoft Enterprise Desktop Virtualization (MED-V) Blog. Check it out for more information on Microsoft Application Virtualization.

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