TechNet Magazine: May 2011

hh127061(v=msdn.10).md Editor's Note: Build for the Cloud

By Lafe Low

Everyone in the IT world has their eyes on the cloud.  For all the promise and possibilities of the cloud, most of what you’re reading in the IT press has been about how the cloud will save your organization money and save management headaches—heck, it just may even save the world. With the continued focus on the cloud, we take a practical approach —looking at how to build a private cloud platform and other cumulus topics. Read more…



The Business of IT: The Complexity Challenge
By Romi Mahajan

While our professional lives may become inexorably more complex, this affords greater opportunities to learn from each other.

Utility Spotlight: Juggle Those Virtual Desktops
By Lance Whitney

Having multiple virtual desktops running multiple applications and multiple files can get a bit confusing. The aptly-named Desktops app can help.

Windows Confidential: Just What Is ‘Size on Disk’?
By Raymond Chen

When you get the stats for the size of a folder, where, exactly, do those measurements come from?

SQL Q&A: Dynamic Data and Disaster Recovery
By Paul S. Randal

This month’s solutions for SQL success run the gamut from expanding a tempdb and clustering a conundrum to half-baked disaster recovery plans.

Geek of All Trades: Configure Remote Management with Server Manager
By Greg Shields

Remote Management wasn’t quite there with Windows Server 2008. It’s getting better with the R2 release, but you still have homework to do.

Toolbox: New Products for IT Professionals
By Greg Steen

The tools in this month’s toolbox help you protect your public-facing Web site, decipher error codes, and organize and remember your username/password combinations.

Windows PowerShell: HTML Reports in PowerShell
By Don Jones

You can actually use Microsoft Windows PowerShell cmdlets to generate HTML reports you can share with your colleagues.