TechNet Magazine: January 2012

hh750392(v=msdn.10).md Editor’s Note: In with the New

By Lafe Low

It's a New Year. That often means a new budget, new priorities, and examining and possibly rolling out new technologies and new processes to optimize those technologies. New and updated technology keeps your IT infrastructure moving forward, but there can still be considerable value in your existing systems.
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Windows PowerShell:
The Many Ways to a Custom Object
By Don Jones

It doesn't really matter which approach you choose for outputting custom objects, as long as a custom object is your end result.

Size Does Indeed Matter

By Paul S. Randal

Database size, index fragmentation and post-failover availability are among the issues dogging SQL admins this month.

Utility Spotlight:
Control Multiple PCs

By Lance Whitney

Mouse Without Borders can help make a smooth transition from one computer to another.

Windows Confidential:
Early Birds and Night Owls

By Raymond Chen

When you're trying to automate the process of sharing resources, every little detail is important.

New Products for IT Professionals

By Greg Steen

Manage your library of SQL scripts, organize your taskbar and run Checksum virus scans with this month's tools.

Geek of All Trades:
Office 365 with Windows PowerShell

By Greg Shields

If you never thought you'd need to use Windows PowerShell to manage cloud apps such as Office 365, here's a QuickStart for the complete newbie.