TechNet Magazine: June 2012

jj149018(v=msdn.10).md Editor’s Note: Time for TechEd

By Lafe Low

It’s the unofficial beginning of summer for the Microsoft crowd. TechEd is like full immersion therapy. You can dive deep into SharePoint, SQL Server, Exchange, Windows or any product group. Here are a few highlights of some of the sessions.

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Utility Spotlight:
Safely Back up PST Files

By Lance Whitney

The free Microsoft Personal Folders Backup tool can help you make regular backups of your users’ PST files.

Windows Confidential:
Bring on the Lab Rats

By Raymond Chen

Manipulating software developers can be a helpful strategy when fixing bugs during software development projects.

IT Toolbox:
New Products for IT Professionals

By Greg Steen

The tools in this month’s toolbox help you secure data in transit and monitor open network ports and services.

Windows PowerShell:
New Syntax in the New Shell

By Don Jones

Some new syntax commands in Windows PowerShell version 3 help you write easier-to-read, but somewhat limited, commands.

Exchange Queue & A:
Automate and Consolidate

By Henrik Walther

There are many ways to work around automation, mailbox sharing and consolidation issues in Exchange.

Geek of All Trades:
The Availability Answer

By Greg Shields

When configuring highly available Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol in Windows Server 2012, you can now include features and support that were never there before.