TechNet Magazine: August 2012

jj554303(v=msdn.10).md Editor’s Note: Forging New Avenues

By Lafe Low

The upcoming Office 2013 is a true cloud-driven productivity, collaboration and communication platform. Office 15, Lync and SharePoint are seamlessly integrated, support each other and work together through their connections in the cloud.

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Windows Confidential:
Living and Dying by the Demo

By Raymond Chen

Sometimes it’s not user feedback or product requirements that drive which features make it into a new release.

New Products for IT Professionals

By Greg Steen

The trio of free tools this month helps you create and test regular expressions, remove Active Directory addresses and track IP usage.

Windows PowerShell:
Defining Parameters

By Don Jones

There are simple and complex ways to define parameters in Windows PowerShell, and both ways have their benefits.

Utility Spotlight:
Analyze Your Software for Security Holes

By Lance Whitney

The Microsoft Attack Surface Analyzer tool can pinpoint security flaws in the software you install.

Geek of All Trades:
VM-Hosted RemoteApps - New Best Practice for Virtual Desktops?

By Greg Shields

Using virtual machine-hosted RemoteApps could be the necessary next step in remote application access.

Exchange Q&A:
Workable Work-Arounds

By Henrik Walther

There are work-arounds in Microsoft Exchange when you need to do things such as disable SSL 2.0 or resolve sync issues.