TechNet Magazine: November 2012

jj819414(v=msdn.10).md Editor’s Note: Change is inevitable

By Lafe Low

Windows 8 is the biggest change most of us have seen in quite some time. Enhancing UX is one of the primary goals of Windows 8, so there are significant changes to the interface that are well-suited for tablets and touchscreen devices. What are your plans regarding the new operating system?

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Utility Spotlight:
Modify your mouse

By Lance Whitney

The Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center lets you modify your mouse and keyboard settings to take advantage of new features in Windows 8.

Windows Confidential:
Numerology of the build

By Raymond Chen

Assigning the build number of the Windows release version is a chance for management to do something cute.

New products for IT professionals

By Greg Steen

These two suites of tools help you monitor and maintain the TCP ports in use on your system and keep your system clean after deleting applications.

Windows PowerShell:
Comment your way to help

By Don Jones

You can add your own comments to your scripts, creating your own online help and tutorial system.

Without a trace

By Paul S. Randal

Processes like backup and restore and consistency checking can cause some unexpected behaviors, but they do make sense.

Geek of All Trades:
VMM 2012 and Server App-V: happy together

By Greg Shields

Microsoft quietly added Server App-V to System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2012, an excellent move on both the technical and strategic level.