How to Enable Exchange Journaling


By default, envelope journaling is disabled. Enabling envelope journaling involves two steps. First, you must enable standard journaling in Exchange System Manager. Secondly, you must enable envelope journaling.

Before You Begin

If you are running Exchange 2000 and you want to enable envelope journaling, you must install Service Pack 3 and the Exchange 2000 envelope journaling software update.

For more information about installing Exchange 2000 SP3, see Service Pack 3 for Exchange 2000 Server and Exchange 2000 Server Enterprise Edition.

For more information about the Exchange 2000 envelope journaling software update, see Microsoft® Knowledge Base article 834634, "A hotfix is available to enable the Envelope Journaling feature in Exchange 2000 Server."


To enable Journaling

  1. Enable standard journaling on each mailbox store in your organization for which you want envelope journaling enabled. For detailed steps, see How to Enable Standard Journaling.

  2. Enable envelope journaling. For detailed steps, see How to Enable Envelope Journaling.

For More Information

For more information about planning a journaling solution, see Planning an Exchange Server 2003 Journaling Deployment.