How to Send a Digitally Signed Message Using Outlook Express


This topic explains how to send a digitally signed message using Outlook Express for the purposes of setting up a PKI/Exchange test environment.

The computer account and domain names used in this procedure are based on the test environment described in Implementing an Exchange 2003-Based Message Security System in a Test Environment.

Before You Begin

At the console, log on to CONT-WK01 as a member of the Domain Users group.

If a user has more than one digital certificate in the local computer store, you must specify which digital certificate you want Outlook Express to use. To specify the certificate, click Tools, click Accounts, click the Mail tab, click Properties, click the Security tab, and then, under both Signing certificate and Encrypting preferences, click Select.


To send a digitally signed message using Outlook Express

  1. Click Start, point to All Programs, and click Outlook Express.

  2. When prompted, type the user's password.

  3. To compose a new message, click Create Mail.

  4. To add a recipient from Active Directory, click To.

  5. Under Type name or select from list, click Find.

  6. In the Look in list, click Active Directory, type the name of the recipient in Name, and then click Find Now.

  7. Select the name, and then click To.

  8. Click OK to close the Select Recipients box.

  9. On the toolbar, there are two new icons: one for encrypting messages and one for signing messages. Ensure that the Sign button is selected. Because you want to test only digital signing, ensure that the Encrypt button is not selected.

    Digitally signed message in Outlook Express


  10. Click Send.