Backing up Exchange Server 2003


Before you implement a backup strategy, you should determine the most appropriate disaster recovery strategy for your environment. After you decide on this strategy, use the information in this topic to help you perform the appropriate backup tasks. This section discusses the Microsoft® Windows Server™ 2003 backup tool (Backup). The following backup-related tasks are covered:

  • Data to exclude from Windows backup sets or full computer backup sets.

  • Creating Windows backup sets.

  • Creating full computer backup sets.

  • Backing up domain controllers.

  • Backing up Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 data.

  • Backing up Exchange Server 2003 clusters.

The procedures in these topics apply only to the backup utility (Backup) in Windows Server 2003. If you want to use third-party software to back up and restore your Exchange Server 2003 data and infrastructure, use these topics to make sure that you back up the appropriate data. For specific procedures, see the documentation for the third-party software.

Several additional backup methods might suit your needs. For example, you can use Automated System Recovery, make shadow copies, and create drive images. For more information about these backup methods, see "Disaster Recovery" in the Windows Server 2003, Standard Edition online Help.