How to Send an Encrypted Message Using Outlook 2003


This topic explains how to send an encrypted message using Outlook 2003 for the purposes of setting up a PKI/Exchange test environment.

The computer account and domain names used in this procedure are based on the test environment described in Implementing an Exchange 2003-Based Message Security System in a Test Environment.

Before You Begin

At the console, log on to CONT-WK01 as a member of the Domain Users group.


To send an encrypted message using Outlook

  1. Click Start, point to All Programs, point to Microsoft Office, and then click Microsoft Office Outlook 2003.

  2. To compose a new message, click New.

  3. Add a recipient for the test message and fill out the message fields.

  4. On the toolbar, ensure that the Encrypt message contents and attachments button is selected. Because you want to test only encryption, ensure that the Add digital signature to this message button is not selected.


    To successfully send an encrypted e-mail message, the recipient must already have a digital certificate. If you attempt to send an encrypted e-mail message to a user who does not have a digital certificate, you will receive an error. Make sure you have followed the instructions in "Requesting Digital Certificates for Users" in Testing Digital Signatures and Encryption for all your test users before sending e-mail messages to them.

    Encrypted message in Outlook


  5. Click Send.