How to Verify That RPC over HTTP Support Is Installed


This topic is among a series of steps to help you troubleshoot an unsuccessful RPC over HTTP connection. This article explains how to verify that the RPC over HTTP components are installed on your Exchange Server 2003 computer.


To verify that RPC over HTTP support is installed

  • Make sure that the ValidPorts registry entry is configured correctly and that the RPC over HTTP component is installed on the Exchange 2003 computer.


    For more information on the ValidPorts registry key, see RPC over HTTP Interactions on the RPC Proxy Server.

  • Additionally, view the application log in Event Viewer.

    If the ValidPorts registry entry is configured incorrectly, the Rpcproxy.dll file will not load when a client tries to access the RPC proxy server. In this scenario, the following event is logged to indicate that the Rpcproxy.dll file did not load successfully:

    Event Source: RPC Proxy

    Event Category: Startup

    Event ID: 2

    Date: date

    Time: time

    Type: Error

    User: N/A

    Computer: computername

    Description: The following ValidPorts registry key could not be parsed.

    computername: 100'5000. The RPC Proxy cannot load. The ValidPorts registry key might have been configured incorrectly.

    User Action: Verify that the ValidPorts registry value is set correctly. If the value is not correct, edit the registry key to reflect the correct value.


    This issue only occurs if the Data value for the ValidPorts registry entry is incorrectly formatted. For example, this issue occurs if the value contains incorrect characters or punctuation. This event is not logged in a scenario where you have configured incorrect server names. Additionally, this event is only logged the first time that you connect to the RPC HTTP server after you restart the World Wide Web Publishing service.

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