Restoring Exchange Mailbox or Public Folder Stores


When you use Backup to restore Exchange databases, application programming interface (API) calls are made to the Exchange Extensible Storage Engine (ESE) to restore Exchange database files and their associated log files. You can use Exchange database backups to restore one or more damaged mailbox or public folder stores. In a disaster recovery scenario that involves rebuilding a server, use Backup to restore your Exchange databases after you run Exchange Setup and any Exchange service packs in Disaster Recovery mode.


Installing Exchange (and any service packs that were running on your server before the disaster) in Disaster Recovery mode prevents the Setup program from mounting the databases after the Setup program is completed. You can then correctly restore and mount your Exchange database backups at the end of the setup process. Before you restart your server, as prompted by Exchange Setup, make sure that the log files have completed replaying.

This section contains the following information about restoring Exchange databases:

  • Overview of the database restore process.

  • Recovering an Exchange database.

  • Resolving Exchange database restore problems.

  • Restoring Exchange databases to another server.


The term database is used to generically refer to Exchange mailbox stores and Exchange public folder stores.